The RapidILL Working Group consists of a team of library professionals who provide representation of the resource sharing community to Ex Libris Product Management. Our goal is to offer valuable feedback on interoperability issues including, cross product, analytics, content, and discovery.

Membership in the RapidILL Working Group consists of attending two monthly meetings:

1. Working Group Leadership Team Meeting, where we collaborate and discuss issues, enhancements, and opportunities for future improvements in resource sharing.

2. Ex Libris Product Management Meeting, where we submit requests from the resource sharing community for changes and/or enhancements in RapidILL to Ex Libris Product Management.

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RapidILL Working Group Leaders

Troy Christenson – Chair
2020 – 2022
University of Texas – Arlington

David Schuster – Deputy Chair
2020 – 2022
Binghamton University

Robyn Weisman  – Working Group Liaison
2020 – 2022
Vanderbilt University

Wendy Ellis – Leader-at-Large
2020 – 2022
FLVC-Florida Virtual Campus

Travis Goode – Enhancement Coordinator
2020 – 2022
University of Texas – Dallas

Christopher Lee
Conference Track Coordinator
CSU Office of the Chancellor

Greg Argo – SC Liaison
2021 – 2022
University of St. Thomas