Highlighting some Primo-related sessions, ELUNA 2018

Northwestern University’s Edgar Garcia (Primo Track Lead, ELUNA 2018 Program Committee) summarized some Primo-related sessions of interest that will be held during the May 1-4 ELUNA meeting in Spokane.

Note that if you want to register for ELUNA – Online registration closes on Friday, April 6 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Getting Away with It – Rapidly Deploying the New UI in 90 Days (or Less)
Ashley Brewer, Tim Siegel, Thomas McNulty – Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Libraries decided to migrate to the new Primo UI in the fall of 2017… and then go live before the Spring semester in January 2018. This presentation will cover the successes and pitfalls they encountered with such a rapid deployment in an ever shifting environment. Come loaded with questions as we talk about what to do and what not to do to make the transition as seamless and painless as possible.

Managing Local Customizations in Primo (Without a Safety Net)
Micki Lubbers – University of Kansas

Since implementing Primo in 2011, the University of Kansas Libraries have made a number of complex changes to their indexed data sources. We have over 5.4 million local records indexed in Primo, yet we’ve worked with a very small core team (3 – 4 people) post-implementation. Much of our early work on changing Primo views and normalization rules was done on a very ad-hoc basis – and without a sandbox or test environment! From implementing our first set of lateral links, to aligning local and Primo Central resource types, to many other normalization rules changes – and even some experimental deDuping and “de-FRBRing” — we’ve learned some lessons along the way about making, testing, and documenting local changes. In this session, we’ll share some of what we’ve learned about testing and tracking changes to normalization rule sets and mapping/code tables.

Authentication via OpenAthens: Implementing a Single Sign-on Solution for Primo, Alma, and EZproxy
Christian Trombetta, Travis Clamon – East Tennessee State University

OpenAthens is a hosted identity and access management service that provides a streamlined solution for implementing single sign-on authentication. This presentation will outline the steps East Tennessee State University took to configure OpenAthens authentication across the Alma, Primo, and EZproxy platforms. We will give a brief overview of the internal configurations related to LDAP integration, allocating electronic resources, and selectively assigning permissions. Finally, we will share our experiences with OpenAthens including support, vendor adoption, and end user benefits.