Leganto added to Product Development Agreement between Ex Libris, ELUNA, and IGeLU

There’s a product development agreement in place that formalizes principles of collaboration between Ex Libris, ELUNA, and the international Ex Libris group (IGeLU) for the development and enhancement of Ex Libris products. The ELUNA and IGeLU communities vote in product enhancement processes, and Ex Libris commits a defined level of annual development effort (or points) to each product. The community voting guides which enhancements will be developed by Ex Libris and implemented in each product. Unlike Ex Libris’ Idea Exchange, Ex Libris has committed to delivery community-supported (determined via voting) development for the products included in the agreement.

At last month’s ELUNA meeting, this agreement was extended to include the Leganto course reading lists product. This addendum is available online; it provides the specifics on the implementation of an enhancements process for Leganto:

  • In 2018, 30 development points will be committed to Leganto
  • In 2019 and beyond, 40 development points will be committed to Leganto

Thank you to the Leganto community, including, ELUNA’s Leganto Working Group, for making this possible – an enhancements process that supports the identification of the most important product needs at the community level through voting, and to have Ex Libris implement them within one year.