Deadline Extended: DD+ and Annual Meeting Proposals due 1/17/20

From Shay Beezley, ELUNA 2020 Program Committee chair:

The ELUNA Program Committee has extended the proposal deadline for both Developers Day+ and the Annual Meeting to Friday, January 17th. The call will close at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time.

To submit a proposal for ELUNA 2020 Developers Day+ on May 4-5, please visit

To submit a proposal for ELUNA 2020 Annual Meeting on May 5-8, please visit

As a general reminder, you can review the Proposal Tips page for information on submitting a proposal under our new tracks:

Additionally, I’ve had some questions regarding proposal submission that I thought might be helpful to everyone:

What if my proposal fits more than one track?

Submit it to whichever track you think fits best and if two fit best, flip a coin, throw a dart, etc. Proposal reviewers have the opportunity to indicate if the proposal is better suited for a different track so your session may end up in a different track than originally submitted.

Where does implementing 3rd party integrations with Ex Libris products fit in with the new tracks?

We suggest Practical Applications. The Migration/Implementation track is intended for proposals discussing implementing Ex Libris products.

How will customers know which sessions are for their institution’s products?

All sessions will be tagged with the relevant Ex Libris products based off of the info provided in the proposal. Help us reach a variety of people and submit proposals for products such as Aleph, Voyager, Rosetta, Leganto, etc.

Will there be enough intermediate to advanced sessions?

Ideally, yes — the Program Committee urges long-time customers to consider submitting proposals to reach an intermediate to advanced audience. While the general and beginner sessions are useful, we want to ensure that the program has enough variety for everyone.

We look forward to receiving your proposal!

ELUNA 2020 Program Committee Chair