ELUNA 2020 Developers Day+

ELUNA Developers Day+

Developer’s Day is an event for systems administrators, customizers, and developers to network, show what they have been working on, and learn both from coders at other ELUNA Member institutions and from Ex Libris. It is a community exercise for implementers, by implementers. The schedule allows for participation at different levels of coding ability, so you don’t need to be an expert in order to understand each presentation, and this year there will be workshops with different levels of coding ability in mind. There will be something here for anyone wishing to build institutional customizations.

Note that there are some attendee requirements. Participants must be ELUNA/IGeLU members. For Primo/Summon, it is useful to have familiarity with basic programming concepts, HTML, JavaScript and a server-side language such as PHP. For Aleph, Alma, and Voyager presentations, attendees should be familiar with administering and supporting those systems.

More details coming soon!